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I woke up last Saturday morning with a load of motivation! It was the perfect opportunity to season my cast iron pans! This was so easy and needed! Post coming soon on the details!

2014-04-05 09.54.24-2

I opened the window one day and this cat cannot stay away. He LOVES an open window and I’m pretty sure he tries to pop out the screen and escape when I’m not looking… #sneaky.

2014-04-05 15.48.16-2

Have you ever participated in a swap? This was my second one (the first was a mug swap back in August) and it was so much fun! I can’t wait for the next one!

Blog Swap Square

Rainy day picture. Because we have the best front yard.

2014-04-07 19.29.46-2

A friend from work knows how much Cody and I love our Cherry Lemon SunDrop. Found these in my mailbox one day. Friends are good.

2014-04-08 12.50.48-2

Happy Friday!

Spring Swap 2014!

Blog Swap Picture

I’m linking up with Katie to celebrate Spring and share what I got in my swap box! My swap partner was Victoria and she is awesome!

Let’s unpack the box!

Coffee – Yummy and delicious coffee…mmmmmm…


Mug – I’m pretty sure it’s been proven that coffee tastes yummier out of a cute mug! Look at the detail inside the rim!

Mug Collage Bouncy Balls – Willow and Bubbles even got a gift! Bubbles isn’t too sure of them because they light up but Willow is always up for a new toy!

Ball Collage

Nail Polish – So many times, I’ve almost bought this brand of nail polish. I’ve heard so many good things about it but have never taken the plunge. Victoria did for me and I’m so grateful! And my toes are grateful for some spring! (P.S. The color is Pink Punk.)

Nail Polish

Flower Kit – I LOVE flowers. Even more, I LOVE to see flowers grow! Just a couple of weeks ago, I told Cody that it was time for some fresh flowers in the house.

Flower Kit

Flower Pot – Hopefully, I can keep my flower alive long enough to plant it in this pot!

Flower Pot

Tea Towel – A great addition to my kitchen!

Tea Towel

Window Clings – These will go perfectly on my office door to bring in a little spring!

Window Clings

As you can tell, my swap partner was the best! Thanks so much, Victoria! You are awesome!


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**Thanks so much for your response to last’s Friday’s post. I’m often nervous about posts like that because they are out of the ordinary for this little blog but you responded with grace and encouragement. So thank you.**

***Also, I wrote this post hours ago…and wouldn’t you know I’d forget to click “Publish.” Oh, it’s Friday alright…***

I was in charge of decorating for a friend’s wedding shower last weekend. It was so much fun! However, when hot glue is involved in the crafting process, my fingers are usually covered. And a little tender. :) Am I the only one?!

2014-03-28 20.26.24

Yesterday at work, a friend brought me some tea. It was yummy and delicious and an unexpected, sweet gift. Thankful for thoughtful friends.

2014-04-03 08.55.31-2

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I’m interrupting what would normally be InstaFriday to journal just a little…and also because I did not post to instagram this week. For shame.

I think I’ve said this before but I rarely get serious here. As an INFJ (and sometimes P), I’m a deep thinker but only tend to share that part of me with few select people. However, I sometimes get overwhelmed with weariness and feel the need to share that. So if you’re not into some deep thinking out loud, you may want to skip over this and come back later. It won’t hurt my feelings. Promise. :)


This has been a hard week, spiritually. I’ve witnessed some things, mostly through my computer screen, that makes me weary and worn and broken. Tired. Defeated.

No matter which group you side with in a court matter this week…

No matter if you plan on going to the theater this weekend or plan to intentionally avoid it all together…

No matter if you just want to give money to hungry children regardless of who delivers the aid…

Please consider one thing: these situations all involve real people. Real people with real hearts and real feelings and real families. Real people who fix lunch for their real kids and get in their real cars and go to their real jobs. And real people who get real weary just like you and me.

It seems like no one, including me sometimes – often, remembers that there are real people on both sides of every. single. issue.

It also seems like there is an attitude that is running rampant through the church. This is painful to admit because I’ve had this attitude before, too. I see an attitude of “I’m always right.”

“I won’t learn anything new.”

“I won’t listen to anyone else’s perspective.”

“I consistently speak out of ignorance without any margin for loving correction.”

“I will intentionally hurt someone else – a real person – with my words and actions because I believe being right is more important than showing love.”

This is painful to me. Please understand that I don’t have all the answers and I don’t have it figured out and I don’t act like Christ all of the time. I mess up. I get defensive when I feel like I’m being mistreated by someone, by a fellow Christian. That makes me feel things and act ways that I shouldn’t. I get it.

But what if there were an answer for it all?

What if there is an answer for it all? All of the bad feelings and the pride and the ignorance and the mistreatment of a real person over social media because I can hide behind my screen and don’t have to answer for that?

Fortunately – providentially – there is an answer. There is a beautiful answer.

Grace. Grace first, always.

What if we responded to the bad feelings and the reactionary behavior and the ignorance and the flat-out meanness with grace?

Even more, what if we accepted Grace? What if every day we accepted that there was One who chose to respond to us with grace?

Ann says it beautifully. Grace is weightless so we don’t have to carry the weight.

Can we agree on some things? Can we agree to show each other grace? Can we agree that we are all imperfect and wrong a lot of the time and that there’s only One who is right? Can we agree to ask Him to show us what is true and noble and right and pure and think on these praiseworthy things? I truly believe that changing our own hearts first, by giving and accepting grace, will lead to more heart change. I truly believe these kinds of things will lead to world change. After all, how do we show Christ’s love without showing Christ’s grace?

Your Grace Abounds


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I had the opportunity this week to see some tshirts being screen printed! Such a cool process!

Poor Bubbles had to have his rabies shot this week. He HATES riding in the car. HATES it. Also, this bag may seem a little small, but he actually liked it. I think he felt comforted. It’s the first car ride he’s even been on where he didn’t pee all over himself, so…small cat carrier it is. It was a short car ride any way.

2014-03-17 17.14.18-2

Yesterday was a rough day in the beginning. But nothing two cups of coffee couldn’t solve! However, as I mentioned on Instagram, coffee mugs should automatically refill themselves. How has technology NOT come that far yet?

2014-03-20 09.19.40


Happy Spring!

Old Things, Made New – A Gift for My Grandmother

My family has had the recent opportunity to come across some very old, very meaningful items from our family’s past. We have opened drawers and boxes and bags that haven’t been opened in 40-60 years.

Something we’ve come across that’s meaningful, but completely impractical, are three dresses and an old apron. When I say old, I mean an apron from the turn of the century and the dresses from the late 1940s, early 1950s. What makes these items so special is that they were made by my great-great-grandmother. The dresses belonged to my grandmother when she was a little girl.

Dresses on the bed

Obviously, there’s no way we can just toss these old, sweet mementos. But what are we going to do with some dresses and an apron that would likely fall apart if we tried to wash or use them?

Well, I grabbed a pair of scissors, a coolish iron, and a divided picture frame.

Fabric Frame

My grandmother is now the oldest living person in her family. It was only fitting that this should hang on her wall.


I could see this frame idea working with lots of items that don’t get practical use. That birthday card with the sweet note in it from your grandfather? Maybe frame a piece of wallpaper from an old house that you moved into and renovated? What about ribbons from your daughter’s hair that she’s too old to wear now? The framing possibilities are endless!

How do you preserve family mementos?


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I got to see my uncle’s baby goats last weekend. SO CUTE!

2014-03-08 17.14.33-2

We have this gold chair in our living room. It’s vintage and awesome and Bubbles won’t let anyone else sit in it.

2014-03-10 15.25.04-2

I was babysitting at church on Wednesday night just before band practice. This little one’s mommy is a vocalist on our worship team and I think she’s going to be like mommy one day.

2014-03-12 18.58.41

Here’s a sneak of the bed transformation! If you missed yesterday’s post, Bubbles would like you to go check it out!

2014-03-13 09.12.10

Have you ever seen t-shirts being made? Screen printing is a complex process but I got to watch part of it yesterday! So cool!


Have a great weekend!

Cherry to Espresso Sleigh Bed – Before and After

YOU GUYS! I’m so excited to share this transformation with you! In fact, let’s just get to it!

  BA collage of bed

Despite the awful picture (no natural light), you can hopefully see that this transformation is incredible!

A few years ago, Cody and I bought a cherry sleigh bed. It was my DREAM bed! I’ve always wanted one and priced at about $250, it was perfect! It has served us well over the last few years and we plan to use it for a long time. At the time we bought it, we didn’t have a ton of other bedroom furniture like, oh, you know, NIGHT STANDS. Or lamps. Or anything of that nature. We had one really nice antique dresser (handed down) that we used in the living room. We also had one chest of drawers also handed down that we used in the bedroom as storage but sadly, that’s all for bedroom furniture.

(P.S. Why is it that the master bedroom is the last room of the house to get any attention? Geez…)

Anyway, over the last couple of years, my interior design taste has changed and the cherry, though beautiful, did not match some other furniture choices we had made. The furniture we found ourselves attracted to was mostly white and espresso.

And that cherry bed. That I loved desperately and had no desire to replace. I alllllllllmost painted it white. That wouldn’t have been bad but we have all white bedding so I thought that would be a bit much.

Enter java gel stain. *cue angels singing*

I had read this blog post a while back that said you could use gel stain to stain over something that was already finished, without stripping any of the old finish away. SOLD to the woman with the cherry bed! (Seriously, if you consider doing this, she has a great tutorial with lots of FAQs.)

So this is how I did it. This may be the completely wrong way, but it worked well for me:

1. Wipe down to get dirt and dust off. I didn’t bother cleaning it hardcore because it’s just a bed. If I had been doing kitchen cabinets, I would have used a de-greaser to get all the grime off.
2. Lightly sand. Confession: I didn’t sand at all. Honestly, I was so excited to get this done that I forgot until the first coat was on. All the directions I’ve read say to lightly sand so I might do it if I were doing it again. However, this is only a bed. Again, if I were doing something like cabinets that are touched all the time with dirty hands, I would probably be much more careful about following all the rules to a “T.”
3. Apply coat one. Then wait 24 hours. To apply the stain, I layered two plastic bags over my hand. Then I put a clean white sock (sorry, Cody!) over that. This was the easiest way to completely protect my hand. Then I just dipped the tips of my fingers in the gel stain (which has the consistency of chocolate pudding, gross) and wiped it on the bed. Also, the bed was already put together so it could dry without the headboard and footboard resting up against something.
4. Apply coat two. Then wait 24 hours.
5. Apply coat three. Then wait 48 hours.
6. Apply coat one of clearcoat. I used this. Then wait 4 hours.
7. Apply coat two of clearcoat. Then wait 24 hours.
8. Put the mattress and box springs back. Then dress the bed and get to finally sleep in your bed again after a long week.

(Excuse this blurry picture…it was the only one that is cat-free. You’ll see what I mean in a second.)

bed bubbles on the bed 3

bubbles on the bed 1  I can’t express enough how much I LOVE this bed now. I mean, I loved it before, but now? Now it has more character, it matches our decor better, and it’s got my fingerprint on it. Okay, not literally, but I was able to add a touch that really made it mine, and not straight out of a box.  

bubbles on the bed 2

I think Bubbles is pretty happy with it, too! He thinks it belongs to him anyway…


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What’s in my bag?

A few months ago, I bought a new computer bag that I could use as my purse. Typically, I carry my computer everywhere I go. If I just need to run out to the store, I’ll carry a small wristlet but most of the time, I’m lugging my whole bag around. When I was shopping for a new one, I wanted it to be cute and functional.

Thank you, Etsy! You delivered!

I found this bag and loved it right away. Every bag in the shop is awesome but this one spoke to me. After taking a couple of weeks to think on it, I ordered it! It came pretty quickly and I’ve been so pleased with it! It really helps keep me organized and keep my essentials close at hand.

Screenshot 2014-03-10 21.43.37

So what do I put in it?

Screenshot 2014-03-10 21.49.42 Working clockwise, starting in the lower left hand corner:
1. iPad
2. MacBook Air (in a sleeve)
3. MBA Charger
4. Magic Mouse and case
5. Blood sugar monitor (my sugar often drops so I like to keep this handy)
6. Favorite snack – fruit leather strips (especially for when I have to use #5)
7. Glasses/screen cleaning cloth
8. Favorite pen and stylus
9. Burt’s Bees and best lip gloss
10. Ear buds…one for phone, one for music
11. Lotion and antibacterial hand gel
12. iPhone…duh!
13. Favorite devotional

Often I’ll have a spiral bound notebook with my computer. I also throw my keys and wristlet in there if I need to. This bag holds SO MUCH!

bag full zipped bag full unzipped bag hanging 2

I love that there are two straps: one that’s adjustable and one that is short that I keep under the flap unless I use it. It’s great for holding the bag closer to your body.

At home, my bag lives here in Bubbles’s chair. :) He likes it more when I take the bag to work and he can have the chair all to himself…

bag and bubbles

What kind of bag do you use for optimal organization?


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Only two instagram pictures this week…womp womp…

Last Saturday, I spent some time in my hometown (only about 30 minutes away from where I currently live) and snapped this picture of the tractor.

2014-03-01 18.33.31

On our way home one night this week, we were stopped at a red light behind this truck. With a goat. In a pet carrier. Because South Carolina.

2014-03-03 17.49.10

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P.S. Speaking of goats, I’m stealing this picture from my aunt’s Facebook page to share with you…she and my uncle have goats (out in the country…not in the middle of town in a pet carrier :) ) and one of theirs just had babies this week! Awwwwww!!!